York County Summary Defense Attorneys
York County Pennsylvania
If you have been accused of a summary offense in Pennsylvania, you might be tempted to quickly plead guilty and resolve the matter.  At Marshall & Smith, PC, however, we encourage you not to be hasty. Although these are minor offenses, being found guilty of some summary charges can result in unforeseeable consequences that can impact your life and job.
Many people plead guilty to summary offenses without understanding that your license may be suspended. Other convictions can become part of a criminal record, which would affect your ability to find employment. Please contact the Law Office of Marshall & Smith t, PC before you do anything to ensure you receive the best possible resolution to your situation.
We handle all types of summary offenses including:
Public Drunkeness
Disorderly Conduct
Underage Drinking
Speeding/Traffic Violations
Retail Theft
Q:   I was stopped by the police and cited for a traffic violation. What will happen now?
A:   Some traffic violations are more serious than others. Convictions of certain violations, especially if you have multiple violations, will result in suspension of your license or even time in jail. They may also add points to your driving record. Please contact the Office of Marshall & Smith, PC to discuss the possible consequenses of your violation. We can help!
Q:   I was just charged with a summary harassment. What will happen to me?
A:   Even though it's only a summary violation, a summarary harassment or other non traffic violation can become part of your permanent record, and impact your future employment. Depending on your prior record, multiple convictions can also result in time in prison. Please contact the Law office of Marshall & Smith PC  to discuss your options.