Post Conviction & Criminal Appeals Lawyers – Getting a New Trial – Court of Appeals
Your legal rights and options don’t end if you are convicted of a crime. You may be able to bring in a new attorney for the sentencing phase of your trial, appeal your case to a higher court, or get an entirely new trial – a trial de novo.


For effective legal representation in all post-conviction criminal matters, contact the criminal appeals attorneys of Marshall & Smith, PC, today. Our criminal defense attorneys have more than 45 years of combined legal experience. We’re recognized as the premier criminal defense law firm in York County. We’d like to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.


If you feel you would be better represented by a different attorney at the sentencing phase of your trial, please contact us.


If you believe you were convicted because your original attorney was ineffective, we can request a hearing where we will ask to have your attorney replaced and the case retried. If you’ve been sentenced, then you generally only have thirty days from the date of your sentencing to appeal.


There are many reasons to appeal a decision to a higher court. Perhaps there was an error by the court in admitting evidence. Perhaps there is new evidence in your case that could exonerate you, such as DNA evidence. If there are grounds for appeal, we will find them and pursue them. Our criminal defense attorneys won’t give up on you.


Please contact the criminal appeals attorneys of Marshall & Smith, PC, for effective representation in all matters relating to post conviction issues and appeals.