Is your license in danger of being suspended?

We can help!

In Pennsylvania, a traffic violation can often result in the driver receiving points. The amount of points depends on the type of violation, and the seriousness of the charge. Before you plead guilty to any traffic or license violation, contact Attorney Marshall or Attorney Smith of Marshall & Smith PC to set up your FREE consultation. If Attorney Marshall or Attorney Smith are not able to obtain a complete dismissal of the charges, they will negotiate with law enforcement to potentially avoid convictions that will impact your license privileges at the Magistrate level. They will also seek to negotiate a plea bargain, which may include an occupational limited license.

Marshall & Smith PC are also able to help with:

License suspension appeals

Credit time and correction of driving records

Commercial driver license issues (CDL)

License suspensions for drug convictions

Habitual offender suspension issues

DUI license suspensions

Medical driver’s license suspensions

Chemical refusal suspensions

Any traffic citation involving the potential for suspension or points

Ignition Interlock Limited License (IILL)


Q:  I received a speeding ticket for 20 miles over the speed limit. Should I just pay it?

A:  Before pleading guilty to anything at the Magisterial District Justice level, please consult us!Some traffic convictions can result in a license suspension. It could also affect your auto insurance. It takes 12 months of safe driving to have 3 points removed from your license.

Marshall & Smith PC will put their 45 years of experience to work in order to negotiate the best outcome possible.