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Not all homicide cases are capital cases.  The attorneys at Marshall & Smith, PC handle all levels of homicide and manslaughter cases.  Sometimes the Commonwealth chooses to seek the Death Penalty.

There is no greater responsibility for an attorney than representing a client charged with a capital crime. When a person's very life is at stake, relatively few attorneys are up to the challenge, or have the experience and knowledge needed to handle such a case. At the Law Office of Marshall & Smith, PC, both our attorneys are certified by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, pursuant to Rule 801,  to handle death penalty (capital) cases. If you or a family member is charged with a homicide in York County that may qualify as a capital case, call the experienced attorneys at Marshall & Smith, PC today.



Q:   Why do you need two attorneys for a death penalty case?

A:   There are two phases to a trial in a capital crimes case. The first phase determines the defendants guilt or innocence; the second determines the punishment. The jury must decide whether the defendant should be sentenced to death or receive life without parole. Two attorneys are needed to focus on both aspects of the trial with equal intensity. The hope is that we never get to the penalty phase but we are required to be prepared.  The penalty phase attorney will tell our client's life story to the jury. We help the jury see the client as a human being, not as a person who they just found guilty of first degree murder. Perhaps he or she suffers from mental illness, childhood trauma, or sexual/physical abuse. We will attempt to persuade the jury to see our client as a human being and to spare his or her life.

There is no more serious charge than a capital crime. If you are facing such a charge, there is no better firm to represent you than Marshall & Smith, PC.  Both of our attorneys have been involved in many Capital cases. 

Please contact Suzanne S. Smith and Jeffrey C. Marshall, capital crimes lawyers, at Marshall & Smith, PC, today