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The lawyers at the law firm of Marshall & Smith understand that sometimes people make mistakes. Sometimes the mistake has legal ramifications. A minor lapse in judgement could create a major issue for you. Some individuals charged with minor, less serious criminal or traffic offenses, including some DUI's, may qualify for a diversionary program such as ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition).

The ARD program is a pre-trial diversionary program administered by the York County District Attorney’s Office. Successful completion of ARD may result in dismissal and expungement of criminal charges. After successful completion of the ARD program it would be as if this event never occurred.

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There are criteria and requirements for the ARD program. If you do not follow the requirements you will be ineligible for the ARD program. Contact the experienced law firm of Marshall & Smith and we will assist you in determining if this program is the best option for you and assist you in being accepted onto the ARD program.

The law firm of Marshall & Smith has helped hundreds of clients be accepted onto the ARD program and successfully complete the ARD Program in both York and Adams Counties.  

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